VCAT Applications


In situations where one has become mentally or physically incapacitated to manage his or her affairs and has not executed an EPA, an application with the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) can be made for the appointment of an administrator.


With Borchard and Moore, you can be ensured that you will be professionally assisted in making your application for an adiminstrator.


What is an administrator?


An Administrator is a person or organisation appointed by the VCAT to make financial and legal decisions for someone with a disability, who is unable to make these decisions themselves.  An Administrator may be given authority to make decisions about matters such as the purchase or sale of assets, payment of debts, and investment of money.


Who can make a VCAT Application?


Any person can lodge an application for an order if they have concerns regarding a disabled person's decision-making ability. VCAT can only consider an application if certain circumstances exist.


How can I make my VCAT Application?


Applications can be made in person, online, by e-mail or by fax.


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