Sale of Business


Selling your business or company is a major decision and to ensure that you're making the right decision, you must seek a sound, straightforward and practical legal advice. Borchard and Moore are committed to provide the right legal advice that you need for the sale of your business.


Before proceeding with the transaction, you have to decide which of the following should be included in the sale:


  • goodwill and how it is valued

  • confidential information (customer lists, supply lists, special prices for different customers)

  • plant, equipment, furniture

  • raw materials for production

  • intellectual property (trademark, logo, etc.)

  • product formula

  • stock on hand/inventory

  • whether or not the buyer will absorb your current employees

  • existence of outstanding purchase orders

  • whether or not the sale includes the transfer of your outstanding obligations to third parties

  • any mortgage on the land, building, plant and equipment

  • conditions of lease on the premises on which the business operates and/or plant/equipment  

  • existence of supply and customer contracts


After deciding on what should be included in the sale, you and the buyer must then agree on what needs to be adjusted between the two of you. This may include: 


  • rent

  • stocks

  • utilities

  • insurance

  • mortgage

  • advertisements

  • loans


Whether the sale involves a huge company or a small family business, Borchard and Moore exert the best efforts in ensuring that you are informed of all the options available to you and assisted in all the legal aspects of the sale.


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