Letters of Administration


If your loved one has died without leaving a valid will, letters of administration must be obtained in order to properly settle the liabilities and distribute the assets of the estate. Borchard and Moore are here to help you ease your bereavement by taking care of the legalities in managing the estate.


What is letters of administration?


Letters of administration authorise a person (administrator) to manage the estate and distribute the assets after payment of debts.


Can letters of administration be applied for even if there is a will?


Yes, but only if the will is declared invalid. In such a case, a letters of administration can be applied for by the living spouse, de facto partner or other family member.


In whose name will the letters of administration be issued?


It is issued in the name of the applicant, who is authorised to distribute the assets of the deceased person in accordance with the State laws.


Does letters of administration always have to be obtained?


No, especially in cases of small estates. 


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